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Drug Unit

Assistant prosecuting attorneys in the drug unit handle the most serious drug offenders and cases involving higher degree offenses. These defendants are frequently associated with guns and other violent crime which, when combined with drug offenses, are also prosecuted by the members of this unit. The unit is also responsible for prosecuting many of the drug related homicides. The assistant prosecuting attorneys handle the vertical prosecution of many of the more serious drug offenders and are responsible for working with investigators and prosecutors from other jurisdictions, both state and federal, in order to affect the apprehension and successful prosecution of upper level narcotics traffickers.

This unit handles the prosecution of most of the licensed professionals and paraprofessionals indicted for drug related crime. They act as advisors to general trial staff members who have questions regarding drug investigation, drug crime and court run programs for offenders. Assistant prosecuting attorneys in this unit are responsible for the review and preparation of all drug cases for presentation to the grand jury. Since many questions and problems arise in narcotics enforcement which need an assistant prosecuting attorney's attention, the attorneys in this division are available to law enforcement 24 hours a day/7 days a week.