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Prosecutor Ron O'Brien assigned assistant prosecutor Joseph Gibson to the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) as a liaison with this office.  Over the past week Gibson has worked with JTTF, the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office on a case involving an American citizen who is a Columbus resident.  Over the week-end that party was arrested and charged by complaint in the municipal court under state law with Terrorism and Money Laundering in Aid of Terrorism. The party was scheduled for a first appearance in the arraignment courtroom 4D on February 23rd, however, that case was dismissed because an indictment was secured for the same offenses and filed this morning.  This office will provide no additional information about this case.         Further comment, if any, will come from Carter Stewart, US Attorney, the FBI, or DOJ Washington DC.

Posted: 03/24/2015 | Defendant: ABDIRAHMAN SHEIK MOHAMUD

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