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Frequently Asked Questions

What cases are handled by this office?

Most felony cases are handled by this office and in most instances misdemeanor cases are handled by the Columbus City Attorney (614-645-7483). Felony and misdemeanor cases are distinguished by the format of the case number: felony cases are in the format of yy-cr-12345(or yy-cra-12345), misdemeanor cases are yy-crb-12345.

How can I find out if a person is in jail?

Victims of crimes may contact VINE at 1-800-770-0192 to be notified when offenders will be released.

How do I obtain my court case information?

Please contact the Franklin County Clerk of Court by going to If you wish to call the Clerk’s Office, please call (614) 525-3600 for felony criminal cases or for municipal cases visit (614) 645-6121.

I received a subpoena to appear in court, what should I do?

If you have any questions regarding your subpoena please contact the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney assigned to the case whose name, phone number and email address should appear on the subpoena.

What is a victim advocate?

A victim advocate is an employee of the Prosecutor’s Office who provides assistance to victims of crime. The advocate acts as a liaison between the victim or witness and the assistant prosecuting attorney. Advocates understand the criminal process and will attempt to explain each step of the criminal process to the victim or witness and answer any questions they might have.
More information on Victim & Witness Advocate Program

How do I file criminal charges against an individual?

If you are the victim of a crime or believe a crime has occurred, please contact the police department where the offense occurred. The police will investigate and file a complaint if sufficient evidence is found. These complaints are then forwarded to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office for further review and presentation to the Grand Jury for prosecution.

How do I file a misdemeanor complaint against an adult?

Contact the City Prosecutor’s Office (614) 645-7483

How do I file charges on a juvenile?

Our Juvenile Intake Unit, 399 South Front Street, Columbus, Ohio, 43215 will assist anyone who desires to file a complaint for a criminal offense (misdemeanor or felony) against a juvenile. Please call ahead at (614)525-7388 to determine if the situation constitutes a delinquency charge.

How do I file a protection order?

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How does the court process work?

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What are your office hours?

The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office opens at 8:00 A.M. and closes at 5:00 P.M., excluding weekends and holidays.

How do I obtain legal advice or assistance?

Please contact the Columbus Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at (614) 221-0754.

How do I obtain information regarding my civil or small claims case?

Contact your attorney or the Franklin County Clerk of Court at (614) 525-3621 or the Franklin County Municipal Small Claims Court at 614-645-7381.