Economic Crime Unit

The Economic Crime Unit of the Office of the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney facilitates vertical prosecution, also known as "cradle-to-grave" prosecution, of certain complex criminal cases involving economic crimes. The goal is to assign these types of cases to a specific assistant prosecuting attorney at the earliest stage possible. In this manner, the assigned assistant prosecuting attorney can consult with whatever law enforcement personnel are investigating the case, can become actively involved in the case development and preparation, and will be familiar with the facts of the case long before charging decisions are made.

Because cases of this sort are to be handled on a single-assignment basis from investigation through trial, it is important that any cases be referred to the unit prior to indictment. These referrals are made by other assistant prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement officers, or by the staff of other public agencies investigating allegations of criminal misconduct. Such agencies include the State of Ohio, Department of Commerce, Division of Securities and the State of Ohio Department of Insurance, Enforcement Division.

The kinds of cases that the Economic Crime Unit handles include, but are not limited to: employee embezzlements involving $10,000.00 or more; pattern of corrupt activity cases based on economic crimes; complex schemes involving credit card fraud, check counterfeiting, and identity theft; gambling offenses; securities violations and securities fraud; complex computer-related crimes; cases involving public corruption or theft in office; advanced fee schemes, insurance fraud unless based on arson, pyramid sales schemes, and welfare fraud or food stamp trafficking cases.

The types of cases which the White Collar Crime Unit does not handle include: general cases involving passing bad checks, forgery, theft or receiving stolen property, or simple embezzlements involving less than $10,000.00.

If any questions arise as to whether or not specific allegations of economic or white collar crime constitute a criminal violation, please contact any member of the unit.