Grand Jury Unit

The Franklin County Grand Jury is a special jury under the charge of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas. The Grand Jury is randomly selected from registered Franklin County voters with a valid driver license to serve part of a four month Grand Jury term. The Grand Jury meets daily in the Franklin County Common Pleas Building.

The Grand Jury decides whether a person should be tried for a felony crime. It does not try the case, but determines whether there is sufficient evidence to justify a trial. Assisted by the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, the Grand Jury considers all felony criminal cases.

The Office of the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney represents the State of Ohio at the Grand Jury and is responsible for presenting evidence and witness testimony. Generally, only prosecution evidence is presented. The Grand Jury must decide whether that evidence, taken by itself, justifies the formal charge of a crime. Assistant prosecuting attorneys advise as to the legal principles to consider. In those cases wherein the Grand Jury finds probable cause, an indictment is returned by the Grand Jury, allowing the case to proceed.

The Grand Jury Unit of the Office of the Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney is located on the 13th floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, 373 South High Street in Columbus, Ohio. The office telephone number is (614)525-3555.

The Grand Jury Unit is staffed by a Chief Counsel, several assistant prosecuting attorneys and support staff employees.