Posted on 9/5/2017

Defendant: Julian Bice

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien stated, “Through investigation, we have once again been able to identify the person responsible for selling the fentanyl in this case that ultimately took this victim’s life.”  Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announces that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned an indictment against Julian Bice, age 29, for one count of Involuntary Manslaughter (F-1), one count of Corrupting Another With Drugs (F-2), one count of Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs (F-4), one count of Possession of Heroin (F-4), and one count of Aggravated Possession of Drugs (F-5), for a total of five counts.  It is alleged that on June 4th, 2017, Christopher D. Ramsey, age 23, met Bice at the I-Hop restaurant on Stringtown Road and Bice gave Ramsey a ride to the Ohio Health Urgent Care located at 2030 Stringtown Road in Grove City.  Ramsey entered the urgent care and was given $60 by an Ohio Health employee at the request of a former co-worker of hers, who was the girlfriend of Ramsey.  Ramsey left the building, and returned to the lobby a few minutes later, asking if he could use the restroom.  The employee never saw Ramsey exit the restroom and decided to check on him.  Ramsey had overdosed, was transported to the hospital, and passed away the next day.  Police processed the scene in the restroom at the urgent care and recovered a baggie containing fentanyl.  DNA was also recovered from the bag and through CODIS was found to be a match to Julian Bice.  During their investigation, a search warrant was executed at Bice’s apartment on August 25th, and police seized narcotics, a cell phone, and other drug paraphernalia.  O’Brien commended the Grove City Police for their rapid and thorough investigation of this case.  “Through the collaborative efforts of many agencies, we will continue to investigate drug overdose deaths after a victim has been discovered in an attempt to identify and prosecute the source of drugs,” O’Brien stated.  Arraignment for Bice is set for Wednesday, September 6th, at 1:30 pm in courtroom 2B at 345 S. High Street in downtown Columbus.