Posted on 9/14/2017

Defendant: Matias, Boayue, Rippey, Glasgow, Schulman, Allen, and Brown

The Secretary of State and Ohio Attorney General, through BCI Agents, recently referred 36 cases to this office in which a non-citizen had registered and/or voted in recent elections in Franklin County.  The Board of Elections and Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the election records and today seven persons who were not U.S. citizens were indicted for registering and voting in elections in Franklin County in 2012, 2015, 2016.  Others who were not citizens who had registered and/or voted but had checked the “No” box on the question whether they were a U.S. citizen were not criminally charged but were removed from the voter rolls.  Other cases remain under investigation.
Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said, “It is illegal for people to register and vote if they are not United States citizens.”  O’Brien announced today that The Franklin County Grand Jury has returned seven indictments for various illegal voting charges in connection with elections that occurred in 2012, 2015, and 2016 against the below individuals:
            Ana Matias, age 56, Columbus 43227, 17CR5017
            Irnatine W. Boayue, age 41, Canal Winchester 43110, 17CR5018
            Janitha Rippey, age 33, Columbus 43230, 17CR5019
            Kenyron O. Glasgow, age 38, Columbus 43219, 17CR5020
            Yaakov Menashe Schulman, age 41, Columbus 43209, 17CR5021
            Leslie Caroline Allen, age 56, Columbus 43203, 17CR5022
            Gilbert A. Brown, age 59, Columbus 43206, 17CR5023
“These newly indicted cases are a compilation of individuals, all of whom falsely registered to vote with the Franklin County Board of Elections by declaring they were United States citizens on their voter registration applications,” O’Brien stated.  The counts in the indictments include Illegal Voting (F-4), False Voter Registration (F-5), or a combination of both charges.  “We will continue to work closely with the Secretary of State, Attorney General, and the Franklin County Board of Elections to hold individuals accountable if they engage in illegal voting,” O’Brien further stated. Arraignment is set for September 27th for all seven cases.