Posted on 2/28/2019

Defendant: RE: Mt. Carmel Investigation

Acting Chief of Police Tim Becker and Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien have the following statement regarding the ongoing Mount Carmel investigation:

The Division and Prosecutor are committed to thoroughly examining the evidence and addressing criminal concerns as a result of the Mount Carmel Investigation. Normally statements would not be made before the completion of the investigation. This is done to protect the integrity of the investigation while the evidence is being examined.

Due to the filing of wrongful death lawsuits and the number of inquiries received from citizens, media, and affected families, a decision was made to issue a limited explanation of the investigation of multiple deaths at Mount Carmel Hospital between 2015 and 2018.

An investigation has been ongoing since early December 2018 when Mount Carmel representatives contacted law enforcement. Since that time a Sergeant and four detectives from the Homicide Cold Case Unit, as well as Prosecutor O'Brien and two Assistant Prosecutors, have been vigorously working on this case with the full cooperation of Mount Carmel Hospitals and Trinity Health. Twenty-Nine deaths currently are being investigated. There are dozens of witnesses that must be interviewed, including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and families of patients. There are thousands of pages of Medical records that must first be obtained and reviewed by police and prosecutors but then by expert medical witnesses. The investigation has been coordinated with the State Medical Board of Ohio, Ohio Board of Nursing, and Ohio Board of Pharmacy, all of which have separate licensing and regulatory functions. The Prosecutor has also coordinated Medicaid funding issues with Attorney General Dave Yost. The Division of Police and Prosecutor's office intend to conduct a thorough investigation of complex ethical, medical, and legal issues.

The Prosecutor has talked or met with the attorneys who represent families of former Mount Carmel patients, and counsel for Mount Carmel and Trinity Health. The Prosecutor has also met with attorney Richard Blake who represents Dr. William Husel , and upon request Dr. Husel voluntarily provided his Passport to authorities while the inquiry continues.

While the investigators understand the continued interest in the status of the investigation it is best practice not to comment on specifics or the status of the inquiry.

If any citizen feels they possess relevant information for this investigation please call Sergeant Terry McConnell at 614-645-4036.