Posted on 6/18/2020

Defendant: Joshua Blake Binkley

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said, “This man went on a 24 hour crime spree committing murder and multiple other felonies, leaving five victims along the way.”  Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announces that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned a 10 count indictment on Joshua Blake Binkley, age 20, in connection to the May 31st string of felonies he committed.  On that date, Binkley was attempting to go from Tennessee to Columbus, Ohio to visit his 17 year old girlfriend.  “Binkley hitched a ride with Robert Sanders from Tennessee and stole Sander’s Cadillac at a point when Sanders got out of the car,” O’Brien stated.  Binkley eventually went to his girlfriend’s apartment located on Ashberry Village Drive in southwest Columbus.  When Binkley’s girlfriend’s father Richard Kimbler would not let him in their apartment, Binkley fired a shot through a door hoping to gain entry.  No one was struck by that shot, however it continued through the wall into the apartment of Anthony Martin, the next door neighbor.  Once inside the apartment, a struggle ensued between Kimbler and Binkley during which Binkley discharged his firearm a second time.  The shot also did not strike anyone, and upon hearing sirens, Binkley  fled the scene.  Later that day and realizing the police would be looking for the stolen Cadillac, Binkley made arrangements that evening to meet Kenneth Ramsey at his home in Galloway, Ohio.  Once inside Ramsey’s house, it is alleged in the indictment that Binkley shot Ramsey and stole numerous items, including Ramsey’s Honda CR-V.  “Surveillance video at Ramsey’s house connected Binkley to the murder,” O’Brien stated.  Hours later Binkley and his girlfriend met back up together and left the state of Ohio.  Binkley was arrested by officers from the US Marshalls fugitive unit in Fenton, MO on June 16th.  O’Brien commended the Columbus Police Department and US Marshalls for their investigation of this case.  Binkley had his initial appearance in 4D this morning and was directly indicted.  Arraignment for this case is set for Monday, June 22nd at 1:30 pm in courtroom 2B at 345 South High Street in downtown Columbus.