Grand Jury Indictment for Aggravated Riot, Aggravated Arson and Felonious Assault on Police Officers During May Riot

Posted on 12/16/2020

Defendant: Brandon Lee Pack

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announces that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned an indictment for Aggravated Riot, Aggravated Arson, and 12 counts of Felonious Assault against Brandon Lee Pack.
Prosecutor O’Brien stated, “On May 29, 2020, during the civil unrest in the Downtown area at least 21 police officers were injured when this defendant aimed and fired commercial-grade fireworks at them.  Officers were assigned to a mobile police field force to work during the violent riots in downtown Columbus on that date.
This group of officers were working the riots in downtown Columbus when someone fired mortar style fireworks at them.  A civilian and a TV camera crew were in the immediate area east of City Hall where the fireworks landed on Front Street, just north of Broad.
Video surveillance from a police helicopter enabled officers to identify Pack and he was arrested today.