Marion Cunningham Trial

Posted on 5/14/2021


Mario Cunningham of Columbus was found guilty yesterday on four counts of robbery after a rash of bank robberies in 2018 with an added specification as a result of being a repeat violent offender. Cunningham, 45, robbed a Heartland Bank on November 2nd, 2018, threatening the establishment with a fake bomb before demanding money from the teller. Cunningham later robbed a Chase Bank branch on November 9th, 2018, after walking into the branch and threatening multiple tellers as well as a customer. Finally, on November 14th, 2018, Cunningham robbed a PNC Bank, claiming that he had a gun, demanding money from a teller, and threatening to kill the security guard if the teller didn’t act quickly.

“The Columbus Police Department is to be commended for an excellent investigation, as are the victims and witnesses for recounting those terrifying moments. This defendant will now rightfully face a sentence commensurate not only with the current crimes involving a threat to detonate a bomb at one bank and shoot everyone inside at another, but also a criminal history of robbery convictions dating back to the early 1990s,” stated Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Steven Schott of the Major Crimes Unit. Sentencing for Cunningham is presently slated for July 29th.