Columbus City Council Partners with County Commissioners on Gun Violence Reduction Initiative

Posted on 7/27/2021


Columbus City Council unanimously approved a grant in the amount of $200,000.00 for the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office. This ordinance authorized the Director of the Department of Public Safety to enter into a grant agreement with the Franklin County Board of Commissioners to provide two additional assistant county prosecutors for the Prosecutor Office’s Gun Unit. This decision was in part because in 2021, Franklin County is trending toward 1,200 illegal gun possession cases, which is a 67% increase from 2015. In addition, there has tragically been an increase in gun-related homicides and non-fatal shootings.

 It is important to also note that the Gun Unit within the Office combats violent crime with each and every case, assessing all options. The Prosecutor's office remains committed to protecting the community from violent offenders, and will vigorously prosecute those who commit acts of violence.

The Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office extends heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the City of Columbus and Columbus City Council for this grant. The office also appreciates the support of the Board of Commissioners as we move forward with expanding this unit. This additional funding will provide the Gun Unit with additional skilled assistant prosecutors who will help prosecute these cases and improve public safety. We are experiencing troubling times with regard to gun violence in our communities, and it will take all of us – law enforcement, prosecutors, elected officials, community organizers, and neighbors – to bring these numbers down and provide a safe and healthy future for residents of Franklin County.