Guilty Verdict In Gang Shooting

Posted on 4/26/2022

Defendant: Merrell Middleton and Donyea Spruell

Following Guilty pleas to Attempted Murder with gang and firearm specifications and other felony charges, Judge Carl Aveni sentenced Mr. Middleton to 17 years and Mr. Spruell to 15 years for their respectful roles in a pre-planned effort to kill a rival gang member on March 20, 2021.

The shooting itself was captured on film showing Mr. Spruell firing a semi-automatic firearm at the victim from a moving vehicle in the parking lot of a furniture store. The men exited the vehicle and chased the victim into the store. While in the store, Mr. Middleton then sprayed bullets from an assault rifle until it jammed, despite the fact that two young girls were in the line of fire striking the victim in the hand.