Franklin County Grand Jury Does Not Indict Officers Involved in 2021 Shooting Death of Miles Jackson

Posted on 10/31/2022


A Franklin County grand jury voted not to indict Columbus Division of Police officers and Mt. Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital security officers involved in the April 12, 2021, shooting death of Miles Jackson. The grand jury’s verdict was announced on Oct. 26, 2022.

On April 12, 2021, Columbus Division of Fire paramedics were dispatched to an unresponsive man in a parking lot of a convenience store. Medics found Jackson on the ground, unresponsive. They administered Narcan and took Jackson to St. Ann’s in Westerville. Jackson regained consciousness and was treated at the hospital but left against medical advice.

Approximately an hour later, Westerville Police were dispatched to the Chase bank parking lot on a suspicious person call. Officers found Jackson lying on a picnic table in a confused state. Westerville medics transported him back to St. Ann’s for treatment.

While Jackson was being treated at St. Ann’s a second time, Westerville police officers discovered he had warrants for his arrest. The officers contacted the Columbus Division of Police, who responded to take custody of Jackson upon his release from the hospital. The interaction between Jackson and Columbus officers was compliant until the officers performed a pat down to inventory his property before taking him to jail.

As officers were reaching into Jackson’s pockets and patting him down, Jackson reached into the front of his pants and grabbed a firearm. Officers tried to get control of Jackson’s arms without success. They used a taser in an attempt to get Jackson to put his hands behind his back to no avail. As officers were struggling with Jackson, he fired his weapon one time, causing one of the Columbus officers to fire one shot in return. The other Columbus police officer retreated from the room for cover. Additional officers arrived and shouted commands at Jackson for approximately five minutes, urging him to put his hands up and let go of the gun. Jackson did not comply and was tased by a Columbus police officer who had arrived as backup. After he was tased, Jackson fired again and officers returned fire, striking Jackson. Hospital staff immediately began to treat Jackson, but he did not survive.

A loaded weapon was found underneath Jackson. Laboratory testing revealed that the gun Jackson possessed matched three of the spent casings found at the scene. No officers were injured; however, a bullet passed through the sleeve of one of the Columbus police officer’s uniform. Hospital video and body camera video were collected and reviewed by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, which handled the investigation.

Autopsy results included a toxicology report that indicated the presence of fentanyl and norfentanyl.

A grand jury only decides whether or not a crime has been committed. In this case, the grand jury also looked at whether any degree of unlawful criminal homicide occurred.