22 Year Old Indicted For Using Deceased Man’s Credit Card

Posted on 2/21/2013

Defendant: Christopher Burcham

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announces that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned an indictment against Christopher Burcham, age 22, for one count (F-5) Misuse of Credit Card, one count (F-4) Theft, and one count (F-4) Identity Fraud, for a total of three counts. In February of 2012, a gentleman by the name of George Addy passed away. Christopher Burcham was a friend of the the deceased man’s daughter. It is alleged that in early December of 2012, Burcham stole a credit/debit card from the wallet of the deceased man, and then proceeded to charge approximately $40,000 to the account over a month’s time. Burcham was able to make these charges by running the stolen credit card through a card-reader attached to his cell phone. “If found guilty on all charges, the defendant faces a potential four years incarceration”, O’Brien stated. O’Brien commended the Brice Police Department for their investigation of the crimes.