Posted on 7/28/2016

Defendant: Javon Jermaine Lyons

Franklin County Prosecutor said, “This defendant had been adjudicated a delinquent child of a Burglary in 2010 and had a prior Aggravated Robbery conviction as an adult from 2011.  He was not allowed to possess the gun he used to shoot and kill this man as he was driving on the freeway”.  Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned a seven count indictment against Javon Jermaine Lyons, age 23, for one count of Aggravated Murder with Specifications (UF), two counts of Murder with Specifications (UF), three counts of Felonious Assault with Specifications (F-2), and one count of Having Weapons While Under Disability with Specification (F-3).  The WUD count has a 3 year gun specification.  All of the other counts in the indictment have a 3 year gun specification, a 5 year drive by shooting specification, and a repeat violent offender specification.    “There are several counts of aggravated murder/murder with only one deceased victim, because under Ohio law there are different ways to commit the crime of murder and it is my practice to charge all ways that the crime was committed”, O’Brien stated.  On July 15th, 2016 the defendant and a friend were at a bar, but were asked to leave following an altercation that involved another group of three friends.  Shortly thereafter, the three friends called a fourth friend (the victim in the case), Perry Tuttle, age 26, and asked him to give them a ride home.  Once picked up, the defendant’s car followed the victim’s car on I-70 West, pulled up next to the victim’s car, and fired multiple shots into the victim’s vehicle.  The victim driver died as a result of his injuries.  A passenger in the car was also stuck and survived his injuries.  Arraignment for Lyons is set for Monday, August 1st at 1:30 pm in courtroom 2B at 345 S. High Street.