Posted on 3/17/2014

Defendant: Keith Jerome Pippins, Jack Allen Morris II, Tyler Mills Griffin, Robert Lee Redd III, Charles William Allen, Jr, Ian Michael Pippins, Kiersten Lindsey Smith, Percy Ramone Burney, Aidlo Perez

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced today that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned indictments against eight separate individuals involved in a drug trafficking organization allegedly led by Keith Jerome Pippins, Jr., age 21, Jack Allen Morris, II, age 26, and Tyler Mills Griffin, age 28.  Other individuals indicted are as follows:  Robert Lee Redd, III, age 28, Charles William Allen, Jr., age 27, Ian Michael Pippins, age 24, Kiersten Lindsey Smith, age 22, and Percy Ramone Burney, Sr., age 25.   Aidlo Perez, age 26, was indicted as being a supplier of heroin and cocaine to this organization.  The forty-two counts in the indictments range from Engaging in a Pattern of Corrupt Activity, Attempted Murder, Felonious Assault, Illegal Manufacture of Drugs, Funding of Marihuana Trafficking, Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs, Trafficking Cocaine, Heroin, and Marihuana, Possession of Cocaine, Tampering with Evidence, and Having a Weapon while Under Disability. A six month investigation, including a court ordered wiretap, was conducted by the Columbus Police Department in collaboration with the FBI. Officers’ investigation resulted in identifying the activities, homes, and locations used to traffic narcotics and store firearms. In late February, Keith Pippins, Jack Morris, and Percy Burney allegedly planned, prepared, and conducted a retaliatory drive-by shooting after a drug deal went bad, missing their intended target, but hitting his associate Antwuan Waddell in the head. In early March, a large supply came through town triggering search warrants which were executed at numerous locations. A total of 38 firearms, 13 ounces of heroin, 4 ounces of cocaine, 6 pounds of marijuana, four vehicles, approximately $25,000 in cash, as well as significant evidence of narcotics trafficking were recovered. O’Brien stated, “if convicted, all the defendants are looking at a minimum of 11 years of incarceration for their drug activity, and the three defendants involved in the shooting are looking at 19 year minimum incarcerations.”