Aggravated Murder indictment filed on Lenzell Weston for murdering his wife while four children were in the home

Posted on 8/4/2016

Defendant: Lenzell Quamir

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said, “This victim was in her home with her four children when her husband went inside, gunned her down, and then fled the scene”.  Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announces that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned a seven count indictment on Lenzell Quamir Weston, age 36, in connection to the July 21st, 2016 murder of his wife Monique S. Weston, age 34, that occurred in Weston’s home located at 2058 Northcliff Drive on the north east side of Columbus. 

            The counts in Weston’s indictment include Aggravated Murder and Murder (all with Firearm and Repeat Violent Offender Specifications), Tampering with Evidence with Specification, Domestic Violence, and Weapons While Under Disability.  “There are multiple murder charges regarding the one victim death because there are different methods to commit the crime of murder and the Prosecutor’s Office typically charges all methods”, O’Brien stated.  Weston has a prior conviction from Cuyahoga County in 1998 which is the basis of the Repeat Violent Offender Specification in the indictment.

            “It is alleged that Weston went to the home and shot the victim multiple times while her four children were inside.  Weston fled the scene and was apprehended five days later”, O’Brien further stated.  O’Brien commended the Columbus Fire and Police Departments for their processing of this crime scene and for their apprehension and investigation of Weston.  Arraignment for Weston is set for Monday, August 8th, 2016, at 1:30 pm in courtroom 2B at 345 South High Street.