Posted on 8/30/2016

Defendant: Briana Marie Hudson and George Hanson Dailey, III

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said, “A warning for all parents and students as kids head back to school: if you are offered what appears to be candy, it could in fact be candy laced with drugs.  It can be in the form of hard candies like Jolly Ranchers or lollipops, appear to be a fruit roll-up, a chocolate candy bar, or gummy bears to name a few.  Please warn your children and friends about the danger of taking candy from strangers or really anyone.”  Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced today that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned a twelve count indictment against Briana Marie Hudson, age 19, and a seven count indictment against George Hanson Dailey, III, age 32, for making and selling hard candy laced with drugs to minors in Franklin County.  The counts in the indictments include Possession of Hashish, Illegal Manufacture of Drugs, Aggravated Possession of Drugs, Aggravated Trafficking in Drugs, and Corrupting Another With Drugs.  On February 3rd, 2016, two Gahanna Lincoln High School students went to the school nurse and complained of accelerated heart rates and general nausea after consuming some hard candy.  They were transported to Nationwide Children’s Hospital for treatment.  It was later determined that the laced candy had been purchased from the defendants by a couple of students, who then either sold or distributed the laced candy to other students.  Gahanna Police executed a search warrant at Hudson’s and Dailey’s residence located at 3825 Dowitcher Lane where they found batches of the THC-laced candy, as well as other drugs and supplies to manufacture the laced candy.  O’Brien commended the Gahanna Police Department for their investigation of this case.  “Students should immediately report it if they suspect someone has ingested some type of laced candy.  It could be the difference between life and death,” O’Brien stated.  Arraignments for Hudson and Dailey should be set for later this week in courtroom 2B at 345 S. High Street.