Posted on 12/17/2013

Defendant: John Doe KA 7/10/94

            Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced that the Franklin County Grand Jury has indicted the first John Doe rape case in Franklin County stemming from an offense that took place in 1994.  The case was indicted under the name of “John Doe” to avoid the expiration of the statute of limitations.  John Doe KA 7/10/94 has been indicted for one count Aggravated Burglary (F-1), one count Kidnapping (F-1), and three counts Rape (F-1), for a total of five counts.

            On July 9, 1994, the 20 year old victim at the time, woke up to a man kissing her, who then proceeded to rape her.  Both her sexual assault exam kit and evidence from the scene were collected and preserved for later testing.  In March of 2008, due to advances in scientific testing, those items were submitted to BCI for testing.  A DNA profile was obtained, but a match to a known suspect has not been made.  “In order to preserve our ability to prosecute this case due to a 20-year statute of limitations, we are indicting that DNA profile now.  When the rapist is identified the indictment will be amended to reflect his true name,” O’Brien stated.

            O’Brien said that Ohio courts have upheld the use of John Doe indictments and that the DNA technology with creative legal approaches permit the prosecution of criminals who might have in the past escaped justice.