Multiple Air Conditioner Thieves Indicted

Posted on 4/13/2011

Defendant: Carl Alff and James Shearer

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced today that the Franklin County Grand Jury has recently returned several indictments against individuals allegedly involved in the theft of heating and/or air conditioner units throughout the county.  The charges range from Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Vandalism, Breaking and Entering, and Possession of Criminal Tools. Those indicted are listed below.

Ian Thomas, age 29, was indicted March 8, 2011, for allegedly stealing 4 a/c units from Alkire Gate Apartments, located at 1878-1887 Hidden Gate, Columbus 43228, valued at $9,000.

Robert Cline, age 32, was indicted March 10, 2011, for allegedly dismantling the commercial heating and a/c unit on the roof of Westland Cinema, located at 4265 Shoppers Lane, Columbus 43228, owned by Plaza Properties, where cost to repair the damaged unit is $15,000.

Co-defendants Carl Alff, age 47, and James Shearer, age 31, were re-indicted today for  incidents for which they previously had been charged, with this new indictment carrying increased penalties. Further, additional counts were included in the re-indictment that arose from new offenses discovered by the police; the first of which was the theft of 1 unit from The Moors at Countryview apartment complex, located at 3675 Cross Ridge Lane, Columbus 43110, valued at $1,900. On the same date Alff and Shearer have been charged in the theft of 6 units from Wellington apartments, located at 4080 Waderidge Trail, Columbus 43207, valued at $8,100.   The two are also linked to the theft of 4 units from Wellington Woods Apartment complex, located at 485-493 Wellington Willow Way, Columbus 43213, valued at 8,000.