Multiple Theft From Employer Cases Indicted

Posted on 10/29/2010

Defendant: Victor Miller, Dr. Anthony Abbruzzese, Paige Barrow, Cindy Milsap

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned several indictments against various employees who have allegedly taken funds from their respective employers.

Victor Miller worked for Franklin County Job & Family Services for two years. Miller allegedly falsified three welfare assistance cases issuing benefits to his girlfriend Vivian Edoja over $12,000.

Dr. Anthony Abbruzzese, was an employee at Broad Street Physical Rehab, located at 3027 W. Broad Street and owned by Dr. Robert Cohen. According to the indictment, Abbruzzese stole over $22,000 through the course of his employment between September and November 2009, by taking checks that should have been deposited into the BSPR business account and cashing them for himself.

Paige Barrow, a former Office Manager/Bookkeeper of StrateSphere/TracerMedia, and who was hired in July of 2008, allegedly fraudulently printed company checks payable to herself and cashed them, totaling over $21,000.

Cindy Milsap was an employee at Interstate Permit Services, located at 2105 S. Hamilton Road and owned by Shelby Chmielewski. The owner stated that between November 2006 and May 2010, Milsap allegedly did do over $74,000 in fraudulent credits from the company merchant account to her personal bank account.