O’Brien Announces That Over Sixty Persons Indicted On Gun Charges

Posted on 3/4/2013

Defendant: 60 Gun Indictments

While other government officials introduced or debated gun control legislation during the past several weeks the Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien sought and obtained indictments against over sixty persons for various Ohio gun crimes. Those felony charges included Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Having a Weapon While Under a Disability or Felony, Illegal Possession of Dangerous Ordinance, and Improper Handling of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle.

Prosecutor O’Brien established a Gun Unit  within his office 5 years ago, which is now comprised of four full-time prosecutors who handle nothing but gun or illegal weapon cases. This specialized unit works with the Columbus Police Gun Unit and Career Criminal Unit to identify and target gun crimes. Violent felons and gang members who violate weapon laws receive special attention. 81% of the cases in last year came from the Columbus Police.

O’Brien said: “ Most violent crime in our county occurs at the intersection of guns, gangs and drugs. If we target those committing gun crimes, particularly felons in possession of guns, we can have a positive impact in  both preventing and reducing crime “.