Prosecutor O’brien Unseals Secret Indictments Of Five Members And Associates Of One Way Bloods Gang That Took Over South Side Park

Posted on 6/30/2011

Defendant: One Way Bloods

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announces today that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned indictments against five separate members and associates of the Bloods, also known as the One Way Bloods, operating in Kobacker Park in the near south side. The charges range from Participating in a Criminal Gang, Possession of Crack Cocaine, Possession of Crack Cocaine with Specification, Possession of Cocaine, Trafficking in Crack Cocaine with Specification, and Trafficking in Cocaine. Those indicted are Jordan A. Browne (age 21), Davon M. Ranson (age 24), Melvin Hunt (age 28), Carl Nelson (age 25), and Cordero E. Meeks (age 25).

The sweep of alleged defendants today is the result of an investigation conducted over approximately the past nine months by the Columbus Police Strategic Response Bureau and County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien’s Office. 

O’Brien said, “The gang had literally taken over this neighborhood park and used it to sell drugs and meet with other gang members. O’Brien said these arrests will restore the neighborhood to the residents.”