Prosecutor O'Brien Opposes Commutation Request Of Notorious Serial Rapist - Doctor Edward F. Jackson

Posted on 3/18/2011

Defendant: Dr. Edward F. Jackson

Prosecutor Ron O'Brien was notified this week by the Ohio Parole Board that Dr.Edward F. Jackson had applied for a commutation of his lengthy prison sentence.

O'Brien immediately fired off a two page letter to the Parole Board, copied to Governor Kasich, in which he said" I am adamantly opposed to this commutation request by Dr. Jackson", and that Jackson" is probably the most notorious serial

rapist in the recent history of the city of Columbus" .

O'Brien recounted the history of Jackson's arrest and the two trials in other Ohio cities after a change of venue. Speaking for the victims O'Brien said" None of his many victims would agree that the sentence was excessive and there are few if any cases to which his seven year crime spree could be compared".

O'Brien has opposed parole in the past for Jackson, and again expressed the opinion that Jackson should never be released from custody due to the serious harm inflicted on at least 36 known rape victims.