Posted on 3/2/2016

Defendant: Blake Ryan Hector

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced today that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned an indictment against Blake Ryan Hector, age 20, for eight robberies over a 5 day period throughout central Ohio.  “We rarely see this number of robberies in less than a week”, O’Brien said.  Hector has been indicted for eight counts (F-1) Aggravated Robbery with Specification (firearm), eight counts (F-2) Robbery with Specification (firearm), eight counts (F-3) Robbery with Specification (firearm), two counts (F-3) Tampering with Evidence,  and one count (F-2) Felonious Assault with Specification, for a total of twenty-seven counts.  The indictment alleges Hector robbed the following locations:


02/08/2016      BP Gas Station/2800 Sullivant Avenue

02/10/2016      Sunoco Gas Station/2281 Sullivant Avenue

02/11/2016      Cloud Nine Smoke Shop/2136 Eakin Road

02/11/2016      Eakin Road Market/2220 Eakin Road

02/11/2016      BP Gas Station/1091 S. High Street

02/11/2016      Marathon Gas Station/959 Parsons Avenue

02/12/2016      Certified Gas Station/74 W. Mound Street

02/12/2016      Marathon Gas Station/1401 Sullivant Avenue


            O’Brien stated, “If found guilty on all charges, Hector faces decades in prison”.  O’Brien commended the Columbus Police Department and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office for their diligence, investigation, and apprehension of the suspect in this case.  Arraignment for Hector is set for Friday, March 4, 2016, at 1:30 pm in courtroom 2B at 345 S. High Street.