The Human Trafficking Task Force and Franklin County and Delaware County Prosecutors Offices have obtained a conviction in RICO case including Promoting Prostitution, Money Laundering and Practicing Medicine Without a License

Posted on 8/24/2015

Defendant: Estella Xu, Qing Xu, and Xiaoshuang Chao

            Jennifer Rausch, Prosecutor Ron O’Brien’s chief of the special victims unit, was appointed as a special prosecutor in Delaware County to work with the Human Trafficking Task Force and Delaware Prosecutor Carol O’Brien’s office, particularly with Assistant Prosecutor Doug Dumolt, to prosecute a human trafficking case that involved the exploitation of Chinese women at area massage parlors, which overlapped both Franklin County and Delaware counties.

            After a two week trial the Delaware County jury found Estella Xu guilty of RICO, 8 counts of promoting prostitution, 3 counts of money laundering, and 3 counts of practicing medicine without a license. The jury also returned human trafficking specifications. Co-Defendant Qing Xu was also convicted of those same counts. The third co-defendant Xiaoshuang Chao, the husband of Qing Xu, was found not guilty.

            Prosecutor Ron O’Brien praised the work of the Human Trafficking Task Force as well as Prosecutor Carol O’Brien and Doug Dumolt. The defendants will be sentenced at a later date.