Two More Individuals Indicted In Connection To Rape Victim Firebombing Case

Posted on 8/10/2011

Defendant: Mark Jones, Heather McFarland

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien announced today that the Franklin County Grand Jury has returned an indictment against Mark A. Jones, age 20, and Heather A. McFarland, age 38, in connection to the June 6th firebombing of a 71 year old rape victim’s house. Jones and McFarland both have been indicted for one count (F-1) Attempted Murder, one count (F-1) Aggravated Arson, one count (F-2) Aggravated Arson, and one count (F-3) Intimidation of Crime Victim or Witness, for a total of four counts. Below is a timeline of the cases:

6/3/11 - Andre William Easley, age 29, was indicted for allegedly raping a 71 year old woman, and fleeing in her vehicle immediately following the assault (11 CR 2939)

6/6/11 - the victim’s house was firebombed

7/19/11 - John McFarland, age 29, was indicted for attempted murder, aggravated arson, and intimidation of a crime victim. It is alleged that John McFarland bought the supplies used to make the firebombs (11 CR 3821)

7/28/11 - John A. Webb, age 16, pleaded guilty to arson and intimidating a witness, and admitted to helping firebomb the rape victim’s house (11 CR 3965)

It is alleged that Mark Jones accompanied and assisted John Webb with the actual fire- bombing of the victim’s house and that Heather McFarland was the principal in connection to the firebombing and intimidation of the victim. Arraignments for Jones and McFarland are set for this Friday, August 12th, 2011, at 1:30 pm in courtroom 2A at 345 South High Street.