Voter Fraud Indictment in connection with Casino Issue 3

Posted on 11/23/2009

Defendant: Deshara M McKinney

Prosecuting Attorney Ron O’Brien announced today that The Franklin County Grand Jury has returned a two (2) count indictment on Deshara M. McKinney, age 24, for two (2) counts of Voter Fraud for Securing False Signatures (F-5).  McKinney was a canvasser for supporters of Casino Issue 3, where she was hired to approach registered voters in Franklin County and encourage them to fill out an application for an absentee voter ballot, which would be sent to the Franklin County Board of Elections, which in turn would send a ballot to the voter.  Fieldworks Inc. Washington D.C. provided registered voter information to canvassers such as McKinney, who would approach the voters at their homes.

Through an investigation initiated by the Franklin County Board of Elections and assisted by the Prosecutor’s Office, the Grand Jury found that McKinney falsified applications requesting an absentee voter ballot by filling out the applications and signing the names of two registered voters in Franklin County.  Both registered voters have denied filling out such an application for the 2009 General Election.  Other similar requests for absentee ballots are still under investigation.

Fieldworks Inc. was found not to be involved in the fraudulent scheme, and through their lawyers actively assisted the Prosecutor’s Office in the investigation.

McKinney was arrested this morning by detectives from the office of Sheriff Jim Karnes and the arraignment for Deshara McKinney will be set for Friday, November 20th or Monday, November 23rd at 1:30 pm in courtroom 1A.